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What can we do to enable women to achieve their desired success?

At the Global Women's Summit 2019 that took place on July 4 in Switzerland, Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh, said: “Today, the era of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence has opened new opportunities for women to prove their role and contribution to a new level, especially creating more favorable conditions for equality, access to information and public services and new tools for their work both in the family and in society.

However, women may not be fully liberated from what society considers being for women. A question that may be asked is why do women have to overcome more challenges to achieve success than men? What can we do to enable women to achieve their desired success?

The world is changing constantly, so the way we define and measure the success of women also needs to change. Therefore, I highly appreciate the meaning and creativity of this year's conference theme: Women - Redefining success.”

She shared some thoughts on the measures of success for women today as follows:

Firstly, success should be seen as the best utilization of resources both physically and mentally, opportunities for study, work, growth, dedication, confidence, the master of knowledge, information, technology and participation in public institutions, political organizations, society, businesses and the economy for women.

Secondly, success is also associated with women's economic and financial mastery. The economic independence and economic power of women creates important conditions for them to decide their own future and their contribution to the organization.


Thirdly, success must be sustainable, so women’s physical, intellectual and mental health must to be ensured so they can grasp and master science and technology, always be flexible and persistent to cope with difficulties, challenges, and find a balance between work and family and be happy with their choices.

It is important that society, family, colleagues, people always stand by and support to help women find success for themselves. The success of every woman will motivate businesses, organizations and the economy.

vietnamese women,human rights,vietnam

Vietnam is named in the list of countries with high rankings for opportunities and participation of women in the economy.

Vietnamese women are striving to turn challenges into opportunities for themselves and the economy. Women not only account for over 27% of parliamentarians, with the National Assembly Chairwoman, but also hold many important positions in the political system. Many women-led businesses are among the top in the Vietnamese stock market. The CEOs of Vietjet Air, Vinamilk, TH True Milk, BMG, and MP Logistics are all leading successful businesswomen of the economy. The percentage of women who own businesses has reached over 31%, putting Vietnam in the list of countries with high rankings for opportunities and participation of women in the economy.

Citing the story of Emilie Kempin-Spyri, who tried to overcome all obstacles to become the first woman to have a PhD in law in Switzerland and Europe in the late nineteenth century but not approved to become a lawyer just because she is a woman, Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh concluded, any of us can become Emilie, as we constantly give ourselves more opportunities to break through and move forward, daring to step through the "safe zone" and dare to challenge yourself. It's time for women to define and write their own success stories.

Success can be simply when women dare to overcome their potential constraints, pursue what they like and do extraordinary things in life, as businesswoman Anne Sweeney, former president of Disney, once said: "Define success in your own way, achieve it on your own principles, and build a life where you are proud to live."

With 50% of the population, women share the same responsibility to contribute to the peace, prosperity and happiness of humanity all over the world - a world without war, violence, a world of sustainable development for people.

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