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Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung

On Wednesday afternoon, Chung chaired a city meeting on Covid-19 prevention and control after Hanoi confirmed two new Covid-19 patients.   

According to Chung, around 21,000 people in Hanoi have returned from Danang since July 8, including 87 having symbols of cough, fever and breathing difficulty.

The official urged the Hanoi Disease Centre (CDC) to allocate 80,000 Covid-19 test kits to communes and wards, noting that from now to Saturday, August 1, the testing sample of all 21,000 returnees from Danang have to be collected.


Cases tested positive for the virus will undergo further tests, Chung instructed.

He also requested all districts, agencies and hospitals to resume their Covid-19 prevention and control system.

The chairman emphasised that the city’s peak time for the fight against the pandemic would be until August 12.

People who have Covid-19-suspected symptoms need to come to medical centres for being tested. Drugstores which have detected people with Covid-19-related symptoms should inform health agencies of this.

Chung has also ordered bars and pubs to shut and banned large gatherings from midnight on Wednesday as part of pandemic prevention efforts. Dtinews