The High Command of Coast Guard Region 3 is tasked with managing the waters from Cu Lao Xanh (Binh Dinh province) to the northern bank of Dinh An estuary (Tra Vinh province), including the waters of Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands, DK1 and the southern continent of the country.

Performing well the core role of law enforcement to protect national security and order and safety at sea, the unit has regularly actively implemented and coordinated with the Naval Force to carry out activities to protect the country’s sovereignty over the sea, to drive away thousands of foreign vessels that infringed upon the sovereignty of sea and islands of Vietnam, to protect the AGG fiber optic cable lines, Bach Ho gas pipeline, the oil pipeline of Nghi Son oil refinery in Thanh Hoa province, to ensure safety protection for oil and gas exploration activities. The agency also organized rescue drills with Coast Guard of countries in the region in order to increase combat capacity to preserve security, order, peace and stability in the sea.

In addition to the task of protecting sovereignty, the High Command of Coast Guard Region 3 has also made effort to successfully complete many tasks of fighting against violations and crimes; search and rescue; propaganda on the country’s sea and islands; legal propaganda and education; and implementing the program "The Coast Guard accompanies fishermen".

Vùng Cảnh sát biển 3: Xây dựng Lực lượng Cảnh sát biển “Cách mạng, chính quy, tinh nhuệ, hiện đại”

The wharf of the High Command of Coast Guard Region 3

According to statistics, in the last 5-year term, the unit has organized patrol activities with the participation of 470 ships to protect sovereignty, maintain security, order and safety at sea; examined and fined 312 ships, handled 62 cases in the prevention of violations and crimes, confiscated many valuable exhibits with a total value of over VND211 billion; rescued 25 ships, 347 fishermen. The agencies and units under the High Command of Coast Guard Region 3 organized propaganda for nearly 250,000 people, distributed nearly 230,000 leaflets of all kinds to people and fishermen.

Well implementing the campaign "The army join forces to build the new countryside" and the program "The Coast Guard accompanies fishermen", the High Command of Coast Guard Region 3 presented 2,500 gifts, free medical examination and medicine, the national flags, personal medicine cabinets, life buoys, water tanks ... to disadvantage families, poor fishermen, students in difficult circumstances with a total value of more than VND5.5 billion; thereby enhancing the image of Uncle Ho's soldiers, the Coast Guard soldiers in the hearts of the people.

In the next period (2020 - 2025), the High Command of Coast Guard Region 3 is determined to build a strong, comprehensive, exemplary and typical Regional High Command, successfully completing the functions and tasks of the Coast Guard and assigned tasks, firmly protecting the sovereignty of the sea and islands of the country, contributing to building the "Revolutionary, Regular, Elite, Modern" Coast Guard Force.

The High Command of Coast Guard Region 3 will focus on building ethical qualities, political bravery and capacity to perform functions and duties for cadres and soldiers; improve the quality of training, grasp and strictly manage the ideological and disciplined situation of the army.

Strictly complying with 4 good 4 no, 4 against under Directive 202 of the Coast Guard Commander

Vùng Cảnh sát biển 3: Xây dựng Lực lượng Cảnh sát biển “Cách mạng, chính quy, tinh nhuệ, hiện đại”

Parade during launching ceremony of the High Command of Coast Guard Region 3


Recognizing, praising and highly appreciating the achievements of leaders of the High Command of Coast Guard Region 3in the past term, Head of the High Command of Vietnam Coast Guard, Major General Bui Quoc Oai - Party Secretary, Political Commissar of the Coast Guard requested: In the new term, the Party Committee of the High Command of Coast Guard Region 3 needs to continue to fully grasp the above resolutions and directives, with the focus on the 8th resolution of the 11th Central Party Committee on "Strategy for the defense of the country in the new situation";

To actively coordinate with functional forces in the region to collect, analyze, test and accurately assess the security situation, sovereignty over the sea and islands, determining this as the most important political task of High Command of Coast Guard Region 3. To regularly study and timely synthesize the situation on the assigned waters to advise and propose to the Standing Party Committee and the Head of the High Command of Vietnam Coast Guard on the policy, avoiding being passive in all situations. To focus on thoroughly grasping, educating soldiers to understand the policy, maintain a majestic and legal posture in performing missions at sea, avoid the thought of hasty actions to make the situation on the sea more complicated;

To educate cadres and soldiers to realize their responsibility in helping people perform search and rescue activities at sea and identify this as a peacetime combat mission, an obligation stemming from the moral character of the Coast Guard soldiers; focus on combating crime at sea and coastal areas to achieve high efficiency in accordance with the legal process, not ignoring criminals. There must be a close combination between improving performance of tasks with good internal political protection and strict implementation of the 4 good 4 no, 4 against under the Directive 202 of the Commander of the Coast Guard;

Vùng Cảnh sát biển 3: Xây dựng Lực lượng Cảnh sát biển “Cách mạng, chính quy, tinh nhuệ, hiện đại”

The high-speed patrol boat handed over to the Vietnam Coast Guard

To focus on improving the quality of training, attaching importance to synchronous and specialized training with the task of protecting sovereignty, law enforcement and building modern Coast Guard forces as the training target. To focusing on training to master the efficient exploitation of weapons, technical equipment, newly equipped modern professional supporting tools. Thoroughly grasp and effectively implement the Directive 5 dated May 28, 2020 of the Minister of Defense on enhancing the learning of foreign languages and ethnic languages throughout the army to meet the task requirements in the new situation, under which staff members directly on sea duty must be good at foreign languages, especially English and Indonesian.

Major General Bui Quoc Oai also asked the Party Committee of the Coast Guard Region 3 in the next three terms to strengthen management of relationships between soldiers and people, thoroughly handle the arising ideological situation, take good care of the physical and spiritual life for soldiers, well protect the internal politics to prevent serious disciplinary violations, minimize common disciplinary violations, not to lose safety in mission performance and in traffic; step up the propagation and dissemination of laws for cadres and soldiers and local people to have a deeper understanding of the country’s sea and islands, the traditional functions and duties of the Vietnam Coast Guard, propagating about the Vietnam Coast Guard law; closely coordinate with the authorities, the local mass organizations to well organize the exchange activities to help the people and strengthen the solidarity relationship with the people.

To continue to effectively implement the program "The Coast Guard accompanies fishermen" in order to turn the program into a distinctive activity of the Vietnam Coast Guard. To attach importance to and improve the comprehensive leadership capacity and combat strength of Party committees at all levels, associated with promoting the role of cadres and party members, enhancing inspection and supervision, and maintaining solidarity in principles and regulations specified in unit command leadership.

To focus on training, fostering and training a contingent of qualified cadres who have qualifications and practical experience, are responsible and enthusiastic in their work; attach importance to fostering young cadres who are newly recruited or newly appointed. To closely combine organizational construction with human resource construction both for the immediate and the long-term overall mission of the region and the entire forces.

Hai Van