A man disinfects a piggery in Ninh Thuan Province - PHOTO: VNA

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam has culled nearly 27,700 infected pigs as of today, May 6. In January, February and April, ASF outbreaks were reported in 22, 2 and 12 communes, with over 12,000, 7,400 and 1,180 pigs being culled, respectively. In March, there were no new outbreaks, but 6,930 pigs were culled.

On May 4, the disease reappeared in 10 communes of seven districts in the northern and north-central provinces of Cao Bang, Lang Son, Bac Kan, Tuyen Quang and Ha Tinh. A new outbreak was identified in Con Lon Commune, Na Hang District, Tuyen Quang Province, and 78 infected pigs have been culled.

So far, ASF outbreaks have been reported in 94 communes of 42 districts in 16 cities and provinces.

ASF has significantly reduced the country’s pig herd, resulting in pork prices soaring.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has taken prevention and control measures, including tightening control over the purchase of pigs, banning the transport of pigs and pork from disease-hit areas to other localities and intensifying inspections of slaughterhouses and pig farms. SGT