account receiving foreign money in hanoi disturbance case frozen hinh 0

Relevant authorities have frozen Account No. 0611001987139 opened at the Vietcombank with the name of NGUYEN THUY HANH. 

In service of the investigation into the case, including the financing ofterrorism, the investigation bureau has asked domestic and foreign credit organisations to coordinate in reviewing and freezing a number of relevant accounts.


The ministry announced the information and asked domestic and foreign individuals and organisations to heighten their vigilance, to not send money into the accounts of those who call for financial assistance, and to inform relevant authorities in a timely manner.

On January 9, while forces were performing their task of ensuring security and order for the building of protective walls of the Mieu Mon airport in Dong Tam commune, a number of rioters used grenades, petrol bombs and other weapons to attack them.

While arresting the especially dangerous rioters, three police officers were killed. VNA