The Party and State do not let disadvantaged groups be affected

In the global picture, Vietnam, a country at low average development level, has effectively controlled the Covid-19 epidemics and, moreover, ensured human rights well for the people and foreigners in Vietnam.

Chấp nhận thiệt hại về kinh tế, bằng mọi giá bảo vệ tính mạng nhân dân

Propaganda on prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic in ethnic languages in Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang province

While many countries around the world are still confused in choosing a strategy to deal with Covid-19, with the "for the people" view, with the spirit of "not leaving anyone behind", the Vietnamese Party and State has taken strong, comprehensive and immediate measures and is ready to suffer economic losses to protect people's lives at all costs.

On the basis of that humanistic viewpoint, the fight against Covid-19 of Vietnam has been an outstanding success, becoming a global highlight. The Vietnamese Party and State do not let disadvantaged groups to be affected. On the one hand, the packages of social security and social welfare were quickly decided and implemented in a practical way.

On the other hand, in response to the proper direction and leadership of the Party and State, the movement to help disadvantaged people has spread across the country. The emerging terms such as "rice ATM", "the 0 VND shop" have attracted attention of the international media and made the whole world admire with the spirit and heart of Vietnamese people.

While the world traffic and trade haven been almost "frozen", many activities have been delayed or canceled, in Vietnam, basically, with effective epidemic prevention results, Vietnamese people still enjoy all normal freedoms, especially freedom of movement and freedom of information.

In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic spreading globally and the world aviation has been almost inactive because of the epidemic, the Party and State made every effort to organize nearly 200 flights, bringing about 60,000 Vietnamese citizens, belong to priority subjects under the direction of the Prime Minister, home from more than 50 countries and territories.

Chấp nhận thiệt hại về kinh tế, bằng mọi giá bảo vệ tính mạng nhân dân

At the same time, Vietnam created favorable conditions for many flights of other countries to bring foreigners from Vietnam back to their home countries. These efforts not only represent the freedom of travel for each person in challenging conditions, but also show the humanistic spirit of the Party, State and people of Vietnam towards Vietnamese people overseas and foreigners in Vietnam. These humanitarian flights also show the stature and position of Vietnam, improve the pride, trust of the people in the Party and the State.

Vietnamese people are fully receiving updated information every day, every hour, or even every minute about the world situation, especially the epidemic situation. Remarkably, the Government publicly and transparently all information and all measures related to epidemic prevention for the people to know, understand respond and follow. This has left no gap for fake news, the official communication channels of the Party, the Government, the authorities at all levels are trusted by the people.

With the policy of performing dual tasks, economic and service activities in Vietnam still take place normally. As a result, the number of unemployed people is controlled, basically the entire people still have conditions to work and earn a living, even some fields and occupations are busier to serve the needs of society in the epidemic period and especially to anticipate the opportunities that the multilateral trade agreements bring about. Education - training activities at all levels are still normal. Many local schools welcome students returning from other countries. At the same time, cultural, tourism and sports activities still take place normally. Looking at the world with nationwide blockades in many countries, we can see all the value of freedom and the right to enjoy and seek happiness in Vietnam.


It can be said that the praise of international friends, the sincere words spoken by the persons returning from the near-death point are living proofs of the great humanity of the Vietnamese people, for the tireless efforts of the Party and State for human rights, regardless of nationality or ethnicity.

Traditional humanistic background

Chấp nhận thiệt hại về kinh tế, bằng mọi giá bảo vệ tính mạng nhân dân

Vietnamese scientists are actively joining hands to find a way to repel the Covid-19 epidemic

Dr. Le Hai Binh, Deputy Head of the Steering Committee for External Information Affairs summarized, in terms of ensuring human rights, the efforts of the entire Party, the entire people, the entire army can be explained by the following reasons:

Firstly, since its establishment, the Communist Party of Vietnam has always determined the interests of the people as the ultimate, which includes the guarantee of the basic rights of the people. This is the view and principle that determines all Party lines and policies. Founded and trained by President Ho Chi Minh, the Party's “for the people” viewpoint is formed on the basis of the humanistic tradition, the Marxist-Leninist humanism and President Ho Chi Minh’s “people loving” ideology.

With the ultimate goal “for the people”, the Party and the State chose a double challenging problem, that is to fight against epidemics and develop the economy at the same time. Because, in addition to ensuring human life, it is also necessary to ensure people's lives, create conditions for all people to work, do business, study and develop.

Around the world, many countries are embarrassed to choose between scarifying development or opening the door and accept pandemic spread, and do not achieve any goal finally. Meanwhile, in order to solve the extremely difficult and complex dual problem, the Party and State have had appropriate approaches, strategies and solutions. As a result, Vietnam has not only effectively prevented the pandemic, but also became one of the 4 highest growing economies globally by 2020 with a 2.4% increase.

Secondly, on the basis of material dialectical materialism, the Party has correctly determined the relationship between people and nation, between individuals and collectives, between rights and obligations. In these relationships, depending on historical, developmental and particular conditions of the context, the Party had suitable measures to balance. Obviously, under the pandemic conditions, an unprecedented special and strict conditions, somewhat comparable to war, the individual respect for the collective, each person respecting the common good of the country, sacrificing rights and enhancing citizenship is the most important condition for unifying will, gathering forces and the strength of the people. In fact, respecting the common interests and sacrificing individual benefit has resulted in the fact that Vietnamese people still enjoy basic human rights in a very specific, outstanding way in a world full of limitations, isolation and blockade.

Thirdly, the “for the people” perspective over the past 90 years and the Party's courage to face the most difficult challenges of history have strengthened the people's confidence in the Party's leadership. The August Revolution, two long-standing resistance wars, border protection wars and the Doi Moi (reform) have left deep impression in the hearts of every Vietnamese people about the bravery, will and leadership capacity of the Party. The people believe in a Party that only has the people as the main interests, without any other interests, a Party whose class interests are mixed with national interests. The people believe that, under the leadership of the Party, all basic rights of the people are guaranteed, respected and facilitated to promote. Since then, the people responded enthusiastically, following the Party's line and policy, following the Government's measures.

Vietnam's success in the Covid-19 pandemic once again affirms the cross-cutting goal for the good of the people of the Communist Party of Vietnam, while also proving that the guarantee of human rights must be based on conditional, specific context. The important thing is, the principle for the people, for human rights must come from the nature, from the foundation of the Party's ideology, not the demihumanism of bourgeois democracy. The reality of ensuring human rights in Vietnam during the Covid-19 pandemic has provided advantages in both theory and practice, and affirmed the path to socialism as the one for humanity, for people, both effectively fight against distorted and anti-destructive points, hidden under the guise of "human rights".

Thuy Nguyen