In the term 2020 - 2025, the Coast Guard force will continue to thoroughly grasp the views, guidelines and policies of the Party, the State, the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of Defense; regularly grasp the situation and advise, participate effectively in the implementation of the task of protecting sovereignty, maintaining security, order and safety of the sea and islands of the country.

Đẩy mạnh thực hiện Đề án xây dựng lực lượng Cảnh sát biển Việt Nam giai đoạn 2021-2025

The Coast Guard Region 1’s officials and soldiers are determined to protect the islands and sacred continental shelf of the country.

Major General Bui Quoc Oai, Political Commissar of the High Command of Vietnam Coast Guard, said that the Party Committee focuses on building a Coast Guard force that is strong in political spirit, as a basis for improving general quality, qualifications and combat availability; continuing to effectively implement the campaign "Promoting tradition, dedicating talents, worthy of Uncle Ho's soldiers title", the movement "Four good, four no, four against"; maintaining and strengthening solidarity, blood-bound relationship with people;

Striving to have 100% officers and soldiers ready to receive and complete all tasks; organizing annual inspection of political, military, legal awareness, specialized skills, aiming at 100% of officers meeting the requirements; 100% of staff trained according to decentralization; 100% of the units achieving absolute political safety, over 80% of the units havng a good cultural environment.

Đẩy mạnh thực hiện Đề án xây dựng lực lượng Cảnh sát biển Việt Nam giai đoạn 2021-2025

Coast Guard Region 1 soldiers propagated the law and presented buoys to fishermen.

Accelerating the implementation of the project to build Vietnam Coast Guard force in the period 2021-2025; attaching importance to training human resources, building new ships and boats, securing vehicles, building infrastructures, purchasing aircraft and equipment; focusing on completing the organization and payroll of agencies and units in the whole force.

Along with that, strengthening the construction of order, working order, discipline practice, obeying the State law, discipline in the Army, striving to have no serious cases of discipline violation; the usual disciplinary violation rate below 0.3% per year; well performing logistics, engineering, finance, planning and investment tasks; striving for having the rate of strong soldiers of over 98.5%; over 85% of units meeting the criteria for good kitchen, good management of supplies; 100% of units achieving the target on self-production of food.

Hai Van