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Among them are well-known higher education institution such as the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, HCM City University of Medicine and Pharmacy and Ton Duc Thang University,

This is a new trend among higher education institutions in Vietnam in recent years.

Explaining this trend, associate Professor Bui Hoai Thang, Head of the Training Department of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, said that universities consider the IELTS and international certifications as criteria for recruiting students because they want to promote international integration. The further goal is that these students are ready for the studying environment in developed countries. Thus, in the future, they will join well-trained human resources in Vietnam.

“This is diversity in student enrollment. Universities are looking for other methods so that when the high school graduation exam no longer counts for university admission, only for high-school graduation, universities still can take the initiative in enrollment,” said Thang.

Pham Thai Son, who is in charge of enrollment at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry, said universities favor candidates who hold internationally-credited English certificates or international certificates because these students are knowledgeable about careers, job opportunities, and university programs.


The candidates are familiar with university programs at high school, so when entering college, it is easy for them to pursue training programs. As they have learned English from a young age, their English is good enough to easily read documents, communicate and have a higher chance of integration.

Nguyen Tuan Kiet, Deputy Head of the Training Division of the Faculty of Medicine, National University of Ho Chi Minh City, said that students who were recruited this way have very good English so they study well. These students are also quite active, adapting to the new environment very quickly.

"These are the two skills that students of the Faculty of Medicine need to have. We expect that these students be well qualified after graduation, besides having good theoretical skills, medical knowledge, cooperation skills, and teamwork skills," Kiet said.

Le Huyen

Universities ‘favor’ students with IELTS, international certificates

Universities ‘favor’ students with IELTS, international certificates

International certificates and international programs are a "strong passport" for students to enroll in universities in Vietnam.