10 Chinese people have been arrested while trying to get into Lao Cai Province on July 27.


  Chinese men arrested for illegally entering Vietnam

At 1 am on July 27, the police in Lao Cai found five Chinese people entering Vietnam illegally. They crossed the border river into Lao Cai Province and continued to be carried on a motorbike by Duong Dinh Quyen and Nguyen Thanh Cuong to Hanoi before going to HCM City.

Quyen and Cuong admitted to being hired by a person in Khanh Hoa Province and another hired man had left Lao Cai with the Chinese customers on his car not long ago. The car carrying five Chinese people was later found by the traffic police on Noi Bai-Lao Cai Highway at around 4-5 am.

The Chinese men admitted that they were from Guizhou Province, China, and travelled by boat for four hours to Lao Cai.

On July 1, the police in Lao Cai City also arrested three people and busted a ring that transferred Chinese people illegally into Vietnam via the border river at Ban Vuoc Village. The case has been transferred to the police in Lao Cai Province. VOV/Dtinews