new strain of common carp,Cyprinus carpio,Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

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The research was conducted within a cooperation project between the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

According to Associate Professor and Dr Nguyen Van Quan from VAST, who headed the group of Vietnamese scientists in the project, the common carp holds economic importance in aquaculture due to its adaptive capacity in terms of both food and environment.


Historically, the common carp was also the first species to be domesticated in ancient China, and there are now a huge variety of strains worldwide.

The search used such materials and methods as sampling, DNA extraction, library preparation, and sequencing; raw read processing and mapping; genotype calling and discriminant analyses; and differential gene analyses.

Its results are an important scientific basis for the application of molecular biology methods in the genetic evaluation of livestock breeds, breeding, and conservation./. VNA