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Viettel is one of the leading companies developing 5G products

Viettel, one of Vietnam’s largest telecommunication companies has approved a budget of VND500 billion (about US$21.5 million) for developing 5G microcells and is investing in a VND200 billion lab (about US$8 million) for 5G technology, said Deputy General Director of Viettel Nguyen Cuong Hoang.

They also plan to test 5G microcell services around June 2020 and 5G macrocell services on Viettel’s internal network.

Meanwhile, Vingroup, a Vietnamese conglomerate is focusing on researching and establishing lab rooms, said Vingroup’s Head of Embedded Software Department of its IT sector, VinSmart.

Their first 5G phone is expected to be launched from July 2020, and telecommunications devices are to be tested starting August 2020. Currently VinSmart is also working with Cisco and Intel to develop 5G network devices.

The third developer at the seminar, FPT, said they set up a group of engineers between 2014 and 2018, and aims at providing full package 5G solutions during the period of 2019-2023.

Vinsmart representative expressed their request for the MIC to create incentives for frequency licensing to test its 5G devices as the company is not specialized in telecommunications.


On the other hand, Viettel requested that the MIC help it reach out to foreign experts and also promote Viettel’s 5G chipset products to domestic and foreign partners.

Speaking at the seminar, experts from Global Foundries, a semiconductor chip manufacturing company from the US said that the Government needs to create a demand and a market for 5G chip products designed by Vietnamese companies.

They also noted that such companies should work together instead of competing to alleviate the financial burden.

Deputy Minister of the MIC Phan Tam’s closing words were that the Department of Information Technology must create all the incentives for Vietnamese chipset manufacturers and act as an emissary to connect them with foreign technologies. SGGP

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Second mobile network operator in Vietnam pilots 5G technology

Second mobile network operator in Vietnam pilots 5G technology

Following the footstep of other leading mobile network providers in Vietnam, MobiFone has been piloting the 5G technology in major cities of the country, contributing to the impressive national IT development.

5G technology slowly showing potential in Vietnam

5G technology slowly showing potential in Vietnam

Leading technological corporations in the world predict that in the near future, the number of 5G subscribers will soak impressively.