Những game blockchain của người Việt sắp phát hành

While most blockchain game projects are developed by experienced studios, 9D NFT project was created by a game distributor named Gosu, the publisher of Age of Wushu and Ngao Kiem Vo Song in Vietnam. Gosu revealed the first information about this project - a role-playing game - in late August.

The developer raised tens of thousands of USD of capital in September. The Alpha Test scheduled on September 25 has been postponed and Gosu is still promoting this project.


Những game blockchain của người Việt sắp phát hành

DeathRoad is a racing game with simple rules and graphics, developed by a team of four Vietnamese experts. The developer aims to build an open ecosystem for DeathRoad until the second quarter of 2022.

Initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) has been held. The virtual currency of the game, called Drace, is currently valued at 0.08 USD with a capitalization of about 4.9 million USD. The development team plans to release the first playable version later this year.


Hiker Game's blockchain game project has just been revealed. Hiker Game is known for many popular games like 7554, 2112, Caravan War, Dai Minh Chu, Toy Odyssey...

With a lot of experience, Hiker Game is expected to create a quality product that combines entertainment and play to earn. This project has raised 1.7 million USD of capital.

HeroVerse's virtual currency has also been released on decentralized exchanges since September 23, with the current value of 0.15 USD and capitalized value of about 4.1 million USD.


HeroVerse plans to sell virtual characters in October before officially releasing the game in November this year.

Kaby Arena

Kaby Arena is an automatic combat role-playing game that is familiar to mobile game players in Vietnam. Kaby Arena allows players to start with free generals to earn virtual money.

Announced in July, this project was offered in late August and the development team plans to test the game in October. The Kaby Arena coin is currently valued at $0.07 with a market capitalization of about 6.6 million dollars.

This game is developed by Ziga Game, which is experienced in developing folk games. This studio will release Kaby Arena versions on Android and iOS platforms in October.

Thetan Arena

Revealed in early August, Thetan Arena is the first MOBA game project built on blockchain technology. This game is developed by WolfFun, a Ho Chi Minh City-based studio – the creator of million-downloaded games on Google Play and App Store like Tank Raid and Heroes Strike.

The virtual currency of Thetan Arena sold out during the IDO in mid-September. Currently, Theta Arena coin is worth 2.5 USD with a capitalized value of 79 million USD.

Thetan Arena is now under a trial phase to prepare for the launching of the NFT digital market in the third quarter of 2021, with a long-term development roadmap committed by WolfFun until the first quarter of 2023.

Phuong Nguyen

Notable blockchain game projects developed by Vietnamese

Notable blockchain game projects developed by Vietnamese

In addition to Axie Infinity, a number of blockchain game projects developed by Vietnamese have attracted many players around the world though they are still in the very early stages of development.

One more crypto project hits $1 billion in Vietnam

One more crypto project hits $1 billion in Vietnam

After Axie Infinity, the total capitalization of Coin98 ecosystem has reached the $1 billion mark.