Thức xuyên đêm bán Iphone 13, hàng chính hãng giảm giá 20%

Vietnamese customers who pre-ordered iPhone 13 received their phones from 0:00 on October 22. This year, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the sales and delivery of iPhone 13 is only available in some cities. Phone stores restricted the number of customers on the opening night.

On October 22, Viettel Store chain opened the whole night in Hanoi and the northern port city of Hai Phong. In addition, more than 300 Viettel Store supermarkets across the country officially delivered iPhone 13 products from 7:30 am on October 22.

Mobile World launched its TopZone chain, which only distributes Apple products, on October 22 and at the same time began delivering iPhone 13 to its customers. According to Doan Van Hieu Em - CEO of Mobile World Group, after more than two months of preparation, four TopZone stores were inaugurated in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The retailer plans to open two large TopZone stores in November and December. It aims to have up to 50 ARR stores in and 10 APR stores nationwide in the first quarter of 2022.

According to FPT Shop, this chain has had nearly 40,000 orders for iPhone13 product, with iPhone 13 accounting for 14%, iPhone 13 Pro Max 70% and iPhone 13 Pro 13%.

Viet Mobile retail system allows customers to buy iPhone 13 series without having to make a deposit or buy online.


E-commerce sites have also opened for sale iPhone 13 series.

Hoang Ha Mobile said the number of visits to its website increased nine times, and it got orders for more than 10,000 iPhone13 products after only a few hours. The customer's demand far exceeded the store's expectations.

It is predicted that retailers will be unable to satisfy local demand for iPhone 13 products in the early period. The delivery of iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max 128 GB models will be ready until November.

In the past, the demand for new iPhone series used to be very high while supply was always scarce. This year is different as officially distributed iPhone 13 series are available very early.

For hand-carried (in the country from elsewhere) iPhone 13 products, the price for iPhone 13 128 GB version has been slashed from VND25 million to VND21.9 million, equivalent to the officially distributed product. iPhone 13 mini is offered for VND18.9 million, down by VND3 million; iPhone 13 Pro at VND27.9 million, a reduction of VND4 million; iPhone 13 Pro Max 1 TB at VND43.9 million, down by VND6 million - about VND1 million cheaper than the officially-distributed product.

Thu Ky

Apple takes steps to reduce “hand-carried” iPhone market in Vietnam

Apple takes steps to reduce “hand-carried” iPhone market in Vietnam

The market for “hand-carried” iPhones in Vietnam has been shrinking in the past two years, especially after the launch of Apple-authorized stores.