The Vietnam Coalition for Climate Action makes debut in Hue city on August 21 


Launched by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)Vietnam and the Green Innovation and Development Centre (GreenID), the eventdrew the participation of about 100 delegates from ministries, firms,universities and institutes in the central and Central Highlands regions.

GreenID Executive Director Nguy Thi Khanh saidthe VCCA will work towards Vietnam’s low carbon economy for safety, sustainabledevelopment and prosperity.

It is a multilateral cooperation network ofbusinesses, non-government and non-profit organisations, finance suppliers andconsumers, among others, in sustainable energy, green development and climatechange adaptation in Vietnam.

The coalition, comprising of 12 members, iscommitted to activities in support of efforts of the Government and existingorganisations in climate change adaptation, energy transition in Vietnam andworldwide, she added.

It is carrying out five action plans, oneof which aims to have 1 million buildings applying green solutions, especiallyrooftop solar power, in 2030. Another plan will promote agriculturaldevelopment in tandem with renewable energy in a bid to enhance productivity ineach land lot.

The VCCA will also foster common interestof clean energy and energy transition in a fair manner, and thereby creatingjob opportunities for Vietnamese citizens.

At the launch event, head of economicoffice of Hue city Dong Si Toan said the city was the first representative ofVietnam to take part in the highly selective global Earth Hour City Challengeinitiated by the WWF, and received the title of Vietnam’s National Earth HourCapital in 2016.

Hue city has set itself a target of reducinggreenhouse gas emission in late 2020 by 20 percent compared to the 2011 figure.

The city’s efforts include planting moretrees, promoting green tourism, improving waste and wastewater treatment andmanagement, using a smart public lighting system, renewable energy andenvironmentally-friendly building materials.-VNA