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Police in the southern province of Dong Nai last week found tonnes of solid waste buried in the area of Shing Mark Vina Ltd Company - a wooden furniture making company. — Photo nhandan.com.vn

On July 10, police caught workers of Shing Mark Vina Ltd Company – a Taiwanese company founded in 2004 – carrying more than 3 tonnes of industrial solid waste to a burning kiln in the factory.

After investigating further, police found another 3 tonnes of industrial waste suspected of being untreated hazardous waste that had been discharged in the area of the company.

The company's workers told police that since June 1 this year, they had carried about a tonne of waste to the kiln to burn each day.

Representatives from the company told police that the workers collected and buried the waste by themselves and the company leaders did not know about the action, Vietnam News Agency reported.


The company representative also said that managers would examine and tackle violations relating to the waste dumping and burning.

According to the province’s Natural Resources and Environment, seven waste treatment centres are operating in the province, implementing nine projects in waste treatment. Six out of the seven centres have facilities to deal with daily solid waste, general industrial waste and hazardous industrial waste.

In Trang Bom District where Shing Mark Vina Ltd Company is located, there are waste treatment facilities.

The discharging and burying of untreated industrial waste violates environmental protection regulations. The case is under further investigation.  VNS

Bac Ninh struggles with illegal waste dumping

Bac Ninh struggles with illegal waste dumping

Districts in the northern province of Bac Ninh are being polluted by untreated industrial waste and local authorities have failed to come up with any solution so far to improve the situation, the Vietnam News Agency reported.

Recycling harms environment in Vinh Phuc

Recycling harms environment in Vinh Phuc

The rapid development of waste recycling in recent years has seriously affected the lives of people in Vinh Phuc Province.