Hai kỹ sư Việt Nam chiến thắng trên nền tảng thi AI hàng đầu thế giới

Achievements of the Zalo team on Kaggle's Leaderboard. Photo: Kaggle

In addition to winning a prize of $30,000, their solutions will be applied in data analysis in the United States.

Show US the Data is a contest launched on a global scale with a total prize value of $90,000. The contest aims to find solutions in data analysis and processing to address global issues such as pandemics, climate change, food security, biodiversity, poverty, and child malnutrition.

The champion will receive a prize of $30,000. This is a highly competitive playground, requiring participating AI experts and computer scientists from all over the world to find an outstanding and unprecedented AI solution that helps document and data recognition efficiently and quickly.

After nearly three months of competition, the two Vietnamese engineers overcame 1,600 teams from many countries with advanced levels of technology to clinch the top position.

While competitors focused on detecting main keywords, were dependent on provided data and might miss out on value, Vietnamese engineers chose a Deep Learning-based approach to offer AI solutions that can detect data based on provided elements and contextual information related to key data. The detected data is almost unmissable and depends on the source (name, code) of the data initially provided.

Hai kỹ sư Việt Nam chiến thắng trên nền tảng thi AI hàng đầu thế giới
Nguyen Quan Anh Minh, AI engineer, born 1997
Hai kỹ sư Việt Nam chiến thắng trên nền tảng thi AI hàng đầu thế giới

Nguyen Tuan Khoi, data engineer, born 1994.

Zalo is a leading company in Vietnam in AI research and application, focusing on four areas: computer vision, speech processing, natural language processing, and big data & machine learning.

Zalo's AI research achievements are being applied on many existing products of its ecosystem to bring the best experience to Vietnamese people. Zalo also provides tools to help detect China’s illegal cow's tongue line, convert text to speech, classify images, and censor content for free to the community. Its Kiki voice assistant product, based on speech synthesis and natural language processing technology, is popular in voice-controlled cars and on Zing MP3 music players, and will soon appear on the smart home system.

In the academic field, Zalo is also positively evaluated. Zalo AI Summit is the biggest forum about artificial intelligence for professionals. Meanwhile, Zalo AI Challenge is a contest that encourages young people to participate and research AI with advice and guidance from AI experts.

Launched in 2010, Kaggle has become the world's largest AI competition platform, especially in the fields of Data Sciences and Machine Learning.

Phuong Dung

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