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Many rivers and canalsin Hưng Yên Province are being polluted due to the untreated wastewater of local companies. — Photo nongnghiep.vn

Đức Hiếu Joint Stock Company located in Mỹ Hào Township and Kim Sơn Co Ltd in Yên Mỹ District have been found discharging wastewater that exceeded the standard levels to the environment, Vietnam News Agency reported.

The northern province's authorities requested these two companies to halt all production activities and focus on improving and upgrading the treatment system to ensure the wastewater meets regulated standards before being discharged into the environment. The pollution treatment must be completed before December 31.


The two offenders added to the list of 29 establishments that caused environmental pollution in 2018, according to the province.

Eighteen companies of which have not built waste treatment systems and another 11 facilities have substandard systems.

Samples of treated wastewater of some companies still exceeded standard levels by 1.3 to 8.3 times. — VNS