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Motorbike users are stuck in a serious traffic jam in HCMC. The Ministry of Transport has proposed adding standards on motorbike exhaust emissions and an emissions control roadmap to the amendments to the Law on Road Traffic 

The ministry noted that as the 2008 Law on Road Traffic does not cover control over the emissions from motorbikes and scooters, the ministry has proposed three options for emissions control regulations.

The first option is to maintain the regulations that stipulate motorized vehicles meet all requirements on quality, technical safety and environmental protection and emissions standards.

Under the second option, lawmakers would issue regulations on managing the quality and technical safety of smart vehicles and other regulations on checking and evaluating the safety of the parts and accessories of vehicles in the production, assembly and import processes.

Under the third option, it is necessary to launch regulations on emissions standards and a roadmap for control over emissions from vehicles.

The ministry stated that the first option will not change the State’s expenditure for the management of vehicles. Residents may still use vehicles that reach their expiration dates or emit significant volumes of exhaust fumes, affecting the environment, with no need for regular repairs and maintenance. However, the absence of regulations on emissions control is likely to increase the volume of exhaust emissions.

As for the second option, residents will have to spend their money on regular maintenance for their vehicles. This regular maintenance will help control the volume of exhaust emissions and reduce fuel consumption, valued at VND170,000 per year, whereas the maintenance cost is VND110,000 per vehicle.


The ministry, however, pointed out that the option fails to meet international requirements on emissions control.

The third option would ensure the management of vehicles and equality in the control over emissions from motorbikes and automobiles, helping reduce the volume of exhaust emissions in the air.

The ministry remarked that the best solution to emissions control is to adopt the second and third options, aimed at enhancing inspections on criteria and standards on technical safety and environmental protection.

The National Assembly will be in charge of issuing regulations on conditions for motorized vehicles to use roads, vehicle owners’ responsibilities and requirements on the management of quality and review of accessories.

The Government will be assigned to introduce detailed regulations on the management of new vehicles and the roadmap for emissions control. SGT

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Carbon emission a thorny problem in Vietnam

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