Hoa Sen University,Christmas tree,reused plastic bottles
A Christmas tree at Hoa Sen University in District 1 is made of reused plastic bottles. Photo courtesy of the university

A team of Hoa Sen University students named Salty used nearly 1,000 bottles of 1.5l each to put together a tree 4.5m high with a radius of 1.2m.

The team included 10 students who collected used plastic bottles at their house and from their friends and neighbours. The team also bought used plastic bottles from waste and scrap collectors.

Within four days, more than 1,000 bottles were collected and placed in layers to make the tree.

Duong Do Tien Anh, the team leader, said the tree was part of a project called The Beauty of Waste, which is part of the larger Management of Communication Projects that have the theme Reusing Waste-Environmental Protection that students study at university.

“We learn the ways to carry out and manage projects successfully. We also know how to solve potential problems in implementation,” Anh said.

Hoa Sen University,Christmas tree,reused plastic bottles
Students of Hoa Sen University use plastic bottles to create a Christmas tree in the university. Photo courtesy of the university

In the more than 15sq.m area on the yard of HCM City University of Technology and Education, students often take photos with sculptures of a lecturer, boat, trees, river, bicycle and Landmark tower, the tallest building in Vietnam.


All of these sculptures were made from waste such as plastic bottles, straws, paper boxes, wood planks and others, which were collected from garbage and construction works in the university.

More than 20 students at the university under the guidance of lecturer Bui Ngoc Hien of Construction Faculty made the sculptures.

The sculptures decorate the university for Christmas and New Year, and also serve to teach students awareness about environmental protection.

Through the project's implementation, students become more aware that nothing should be discarded, and that materials should be reused, Hien said.

Students also have a chance to apply what they learn and have experience working in a team. Problem solving, communication and creativity are also emphasised.

Truong Khanh An, a university freshman and one of the 20 students to make the sculptures, said that he and his friend realised that trash could be turned into "treasure".

He also learned more about lighting, decoration, and other topics, An said, adding that he was happy seeing students take photos with the sculptures. VNS

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