Most of the rubbish is bottles, nylon bags and household waste. The beach is constantly cleaned but rubbish fills the beach again very quickly. Many households living along the beach have complained about pollution.

64-year-old Pham Van Giao said, "Years ago, a volunteer group hired an excavator to clean the beach. Because of the huge amount of rubbish, it would be impossible to try to clean this place up by manual labour. We have filed complaints but it still hasn't been dealt with."

Because of the pollution, the near-shore fish died so the fishermen have to travel further away.

"Moreover, this is Ban Than-Hon Mang-Hon Dua tourist destination with many visitors. Anyone who came here would shake their heads," Giao said.

According to visitors, the area’s natural beauty is attractive and the people are friendly but the rubbish is off-putting.

Nguyen Cong Tien, chairman of Tam Hai Commune, said the amount of rubbish was endless because the tides would just sweep in ashore. This includes rubbish discharged by local people on the island and other places. They are still trying to find a way to clean up the beach.

Some photos of the beach:


Rubbish-covered beach