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Agricultural experts check a rice field planted with new variety DCG72 in Nghe An Province. Photo doluong.gov.vn

The rice seed named DCG72 has a short growth period which is suitable for intensive cultivation of three crops per year.

The seed’s growth takes about 100 days, 10-12 days shorter than other seeds, said Prof. Dr. Pham Van Cuong, deputy director of the Vietnam Agricultural Academy, and one of the rice researchers.

This rice variety was also suitable for flood-affected areas in the north central region and drought-prone in the south central region, said Cuong.

Thanks to the short growth period, the early harvest should be able to avoid drought and saline intrusion at the end of the crop, he said.

“The farmers were very satisfied with the rice variety,” he said.

Along with the shorter growth period, the new variety has a high yield of 5.4 tonnes per ha and 4.9 tonnes per ha in the winter-spring and summer-autumn crops.


In addition, the rice variety is both resistant to common diseases on rice such as blight, brown leaf hoppers and rice blast caused by fungus.

The variety was experimentally planted on total area of nearly 1,000ha in seven northern and central provinces in 2018-19.

The rice variety DCG72 was recognised as a national rice variety in decision 5098/QD-BNN dated December 31, 2019.

In recent years, Vietnam has developed hybrid rice varieties thanks to support from the project of education and research enhancement at the Vietnam Agricultural Academy with Japan’s assistance.

Under the projects, many Vietnamese scientists were trained in Japan on breeding, physiology and cultivation techniques.

The variety DCG72 was produced under the co-operation project between Vietnam Agricultural Academy and Japan's Kyushu University.  VNS

Female scientist interested in rice varieties

Female scientist interested in rice varieties

Dr. Pham Thi Thu Ha is one of three Vietnamese scientists to receive L’Oreal – UNESCO for Women in Science Awards for her achievements and contributions to the community.