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Landslide occur along Day River's bank in Hoa Chinh Commune, Chuong My District. — Photo hanoimoi.com.vn

In Chu Minh Commune, Ba Vi District, landslides occurred along 250 metres of the Hong (Red) River’s west bank and 300 metres of the dyke along the river. The landslides cracked the walls and houses of more than 10 local households.

Landslides also damaged the dyke along the west bank of the Da River in two communes – Son Da and Minh Quang in Ba Vi District. A landslide occurred nearby Dong Tien pumping station and nearly encroached the foot of Minh Quang Dyke.

In Thanh Cao Commune, Thanh Oai District, landslides appeared at six locations with curves of 5-10 metres in length and 3-3.5 metres in height. One of the curves encroached 2-3 metres to the riverside road.

The curves have been reportedly widening, posing a higher risk to nearby residential areas.

The municipal People’s Committee asked local authorities to restrict travel through the affected areas.

Agencies including the city’s departments of Agriculture, Finance, Investment and Planning were asked to arrange funds and carry out measures to fix and prevent landslide problems.


Local authorities and the city's Dyke Management and Storms Prevention and Control were asked to identify landslide areas and those prone to landslides. They were asked to prepare staff and equipment to ensure safety for dyke systems and people living in affected areas.

In May, the city also announced emergency situation in four suburban districts when landslides happened along the banks of the Da River in Thai Hoa Commune of Ba Vi District, three communes – Tot Dong, Van Vo and Hoa Chinh – of Chuong My District, Yen Son Commune of Quoc Oai District and along the Ca Lo River’s bank in Dong Anh District.  

According to the city’s Agriculture and Rural Development, torrential rains, climate change impacts that have changed water flows and illegal sand mining worsened landslide problems in rivers in the city. The department last month identified sites vulnerable to landslides.

However, in such high-risk areas, illegal sand mining is still happening.

The department appointed constructors to study and develop responding plans and tackle landslides along the Day and Bui rivers.  VNS

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Ancient relic in Hanoi in danger of collapse

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