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A dumping spot in HCM City


The problem was discussed during a talk show held by the HCM City People's Council about the collecting and transporting rubbish from local households held on November 10. 

HCM City Urban Environment Company and locality public services companies are responsible for rubbish collecting and transportation. The authorities have revised the rubbish collecting system in recent years to be more effective.

Nguyen Toan Thang, director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, said over 9,000 tonnes of rubbish from 1.9 million households and 134,000 businesses were discharged each day. However, only 100 out of 1,700 litter trolleys have been upgraded. HCM City has many alleyways that can only send small equipment and rudimentary vehicles to collect rubbish.

Nguyen Thi My Hanh, vice chairwoman of District 4 People's Committee, said the population density in the area was 42,000 per km2. About 48,000 households discharge 300 tonnes of rubbish daily. They have ordered from third parties to find better rubbish collecting vehicles but none are suitable to the area.


Nguyen Thanh Son, deputy director of the HCM City Urban Environment Company, said if the trolleys were not covered properly the rubbish would leak water out and cause pollution. The citizens also complain whenever the dumping spots are overloaded and can't be cleared in time.

In order to collect rubbish from tiny alleyways, the firms sometimes have to connect a 660-litre box to a motorbike. Ly Hiep Hoa, director of Bao Tin Cooperatives, suggested that the government should have preferential policies for lending so that they can upgrade the equipment and vehicles.

Thang said the city only issued standards and criteria, not the exact model so the local authorities can work with manufacturers to design the most suitable model.

He went on to say that they will work with consultants about preferential policies for loans. The deadline for the localities authorities to upgrade the equipment and vehicles will be extended to 2021 in the inner city and 2025 in the suburbs. Dtinews

HCM City seeks ways to recycle rubbish

HCM City seeks ways to recycle rubbish

HCM City authorities are seeking solutions to deal with the buried rubbish polluting the area.  

HCM City plans to clean up five polluted canals

HCM City plans to clean up five polluted canals

The HCM City People's Committee has approved the cleanup of five canals full of litter and waste discharged by households living nearby.