At the inauguration ceremony


The automated station constantly updates data on wind speeds and directions, rainfall,dust, ozone and air quality. Its equipment is connected to the city’smonitoring system, and all indices are publicised on the municipal People’sCommittee’s portal.

At the same time, the station allows detailed study on pollution and sources ofpollution.

Earlier, the French-based ENVEA, a renowned manufacturer in the field ofenvironmental instrumentation, installed ten air quality monitoring stations inthe city under the AFD/Airparif technical support project.

At the inauguration ceremony, French Ambassador to Vietnam Bertrand Lortholarysaid Vietnam and France see environment as prioritised cooperation. Activitiescarried out by Hanoi and Ile-de-France have contributed to this strategictarget.

The air monitoring station at the French Embassy is a vivid illustration forthe bilateral environmental collaboration, he said, adding it is also ahighlight in the Hanoi – Ile-de-France partnership, especially on the occasionof the 30th anniversary of cooperation between the two localities.

At the event, the French Embassy displayed the “HoanKiemAir” 3D model,illustrating the relations between traffic and pollutant emissions in Hanoi.

The capital city now has 16 environmental monitoring stations, including 11automated air quality monitoring stations, and five water monitoring stations.It targets 95 air quality monitoring stations by 2020 to have comprehensiveevaluation system so that solutions will be mapped out to reduce pollution.-VNA