Hacker sells personal data of 300,000 Vietnamese on cyberhacking forum

The Saigon Times

A screenshot of the post on Raidforum in which account holder "kjkwwfw" offers the personal profiles of 300,000 Vietnamese citizens 

The hacker joined the forum in August 2020 and shared the citizens' personal profiles, which had their full names, addresses and phone numbers, late last week.

The full profiles were not uploaded but can be assessed by buyers. In the post, the hacker also said the profiles would be updated on a monthly basis.

Dinh Long, a cybersecurity expert in Hue City, said the data could have been stolen from e-commerce sites. "These are the personal profiles of online shoppers," he said.

Vo Do Thang, director of Athena cybersecurity center, warned that people whose personal profiles are leaked would be burdened with spam messages, unwanted adverts and phishing calls. Their addresses could also be used for deceitful deliveries, he said.

Hackers have sold the personal data of Vietnamese citizens on Raidforum several times. Most recently, over one million Vietnamese Facebook users’ profiles including their account names, locations, phone numbers, email addresses and user IDs were leaked on the forum. SGT