Nguyen Thi Vanh Khuyen is a PhD student at Macquarie University in Australia. She studies information technology and graduated from Can Tho University, and obtained a master’s degree in France and Australia.

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The organizing board introduces the Global Young Vietnamese Intellectual Forum

During her time of working and researching in Australia on intelligence systems and AI, she received a lot of awards and set up a platform for CleverPal company. She also works for a securities company in Australia.

Nguyen Linh Dan is now the coordinator at the Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre (APERC) in Tokyo, Japan. Graduating from the Hanoi Economics University in environment management, Dan spent one year working for the Vietnam Environment Protection Fund.

In 2009, she obtained a full scholarship for studying for master’s degree, and then a doctorate at Tokyo University.

Of the 233 delegates attending the 2019 Global Young Vietnamese Intellectual Forum, there were many women rich in local and international academic and research achievements.

Dan is coordinator of the APEC Low Carbon Cities Model project; and co-author of Energy Supply and Demand Forecast in APEC, Vietnam Energy Overview in 2016-2018.

Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang is studying for master's degree in cancer prevention and population health at the Korea National Cancer Center. She said she is focusing on research to identify risk factors for cancer and develop intervention programs in cancer prevention.

Vu Ngoc Quynh is a member of the editorial board of Exchanges, an interdisciplinary academic journal of Warwich University in the UK. When she was a student at the HCM City University of Law, she gained many achievements in research for young scientists and at academic competitions.

She received full scholarship for research at Monash University. Her research topics are related to Labor Law, Anti-Discrimination Law and the Law on Human Resource Management.

She published a number of research papers on academic journals and reported at international conferences in Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand. Recently, she was a delegate to the WE Lead Forum (Women Engaged in Leadership) organized by the Victoria State’s Parliament.

Many of the female delegates at the forum now are researchers and lecturers at universities and research centers in Vietnam.

Nguyen Do Huong Giang, a lecturer at the Thai Nguyen Agriculture and Forestry University, said her research works focus on social and cultural issues, jobs, climate change, career guidance for students, soft skills, reproductive health, family and ethnic minorities.

Nguyen Thi Nhung is a lecturer at the Economics University belonging to the Hanoi National University. Nhung won the Evaris Galois scholarship from the French Government to study for a Master's and PhD at the University of Bordeaux.

Duong Nguyen Hong Nhung is a lecturer at the HCM City National University. She returned to Vietnam in 2018 after obtaining bachelor’s, master’s degrees and doctorate from Oklahoma University. 

Thanh Mai

Vietnamese scientist honoured with Japan int’l award

Vietnamese scientist honoured with Japan int’l award

Scientist Mai Thi Ngan from Vietnam’s National University of Agriculture was presented with the Japan International Award for Young Agricultural Researchers at a ceremony in Ibaraki prefecture on November 26.

Vietnamese scientists listed as WoS Highly Cited Researchers

Vietnamese scientists listed as WoS Highly Cited Researchers

Two Vietnamese scientists have been selected to the list of 2019 Highly Cited Researchers according to the Web of Science.