bkav unveils plans to produce low-cost 4g smart phones hinh 0

The firm states that the Bkav-C85 phone model, which is essentially a basic phone that features additional smart functions, will be available for users to purchase this July. This affordable markup can be achieved thanks to co-operation between Bkav and another local network provider.

Smart feature phones are becoming an increasingly popular type of mobile phone product that has served to capture the attention of several companies in recent times. These devices do not use the same operating system as the Android, but retain many of their smart features and common applications.


The series also enjoys the advantage of being compact, boasting a long battery life, are easy to use, whilst still meeting the smart features necessary in basic communication.

Indeed, the C85 model runs on KaiOS and is able to support the use of popular applications such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google. It also has the ability to receive voice commands.

The Bkav-C85 series is the fifth phone product to be introduced by Bkav this year, after the launch of four versions of the fourth-generation Bphone. The company has been selling the Bphone B86 and B86s since the end of May, and plans to sell two cheaper versions, the Bphone B40 and B60, during June. VOV