Binh Dinh wind power project halted to following d,binh dinh,wind power in vietnam,forest destruction,social news

Up to 140 hectares of casuarina-tree forest at the project area destroyed

Under the decision issued by the provincial people’s committee Ho Quoc Dung on October 3, Phuong Mai Wind Power Company has to suspend the project at Nhon Hoi Economic Zone. 

Earlier in April this year, up to 140 hectares of casuarina-tree forest at the land plot allocated for the project were ruined. Many big trees were cut down and then transported away. Lots of tree roots were burnt.


The company has also been blamed for lax management that has resulted in the problem.

The firm is ordered to urgently set up fences and reforest the area.

“Until the casuarina tree forest has been restored, the company will be considered for resuming the project or authorities will revoke the project licence,” Dung noted. Dtinews