Gần 1 tháng phóng lên quỹ đạo, chưa thu được tín hiệu vệ tinh NanoDragon

NanoDragon satellite is developed by a group of scientists from the Vietnam Space Center (VNSC).

As VietNamNet has reported, the Make in Vietnam satellite called NanoDragon was successfully launched into space on November 9. However, the ground station still has not received a signal.

According to the satellite developer, the Vietnam Space Center under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, a total of nine satellites, including Vietnam’s NanoDragon, were mounted on Japan’s Epsilon 5 rocket sent into space.

So far, seven of them have successfully sent signals to the ground station. The two remaining satellites are the ARICA satellite of Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan, and NanoDragon, which were in the the 8th and 9th position when they separate from the rocket.

NanoDragon is the product of a project to research, design, manufacture, launch and test nano-sized microsatellites under the "National science and technology program on space technology in the 2016-2020 period”.

Before the launch, NanoDragon underwent four rounds of safety inspection by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) with the strictest standards and environment, shock and functional tests. It also passed rounds of examination in Vietnam and was sent to Japan for launch under JAXA’s plan on August 6.


All tests in Japan were closely monitored by its developer VNSC, the Kyushu Institute of Technology, JAXA, High-Reliability Engineering and Components Corporation (HIREC) and MEISEI – partner of VNSC in Japan and supplier of test equipment for NanoDragon.

NanoDragon was successfully launched into outer space at a height of 560km from the Uchinoura Space Centre in Japan's Kagoshima prefecture on November 9. Earlier, the launch was cancelled three times on October 1, October 7, and November 7 due to unsuitable weather conditions.

According to the Vietnam Space Center, NanoDragon has three communication lines. The Vietnam Space Center’s engineers are actively seeking a signal from the NanoDragon satellite.

Trong Dat

Vietnam’s NanoDragon satellite successfully separates from rocket

Vietnam’s NanoDragon satellite successfully separates from rocket

Vietnam’s NanoDragon satellite successfully separated from Japan’s fifth Epsilon solid-fuel rocket at 11:07 am (Japan time), flying in outer space by itself.

VN space industry and Make-in-Vietnam satellites

VN space industry and Make-in-Vietnam satellites

In the past 10 years, Vietnam has manufactured its own satellites, paving the way for the development of the local space industry.