Vietnam Post and Viettel Post will promote the sale of seasonal agricultural products and fruits with large output such as longan of Dong Thap and An Giang provinces, custard-apple of Tay Ninh, and purple sweet potato of Vinh Long province on their Postmart and Voso e-commerce platforms.

Giải bài toán tiêu thụ nông sản, trái cây mùa vụ tại các tỉnh phía Nam đang giãn cách

The two corporations aim to assist 5 million farmer households to sell their products on their platforms this year.

The Ministry of Information and Communications has directed Vietnam Post and Viettel Post to implement two plans: "Ensuring the supply of essential goods by major postal corporations in the provinces and cities under social distancing" and "Assist farmers to sell farm producers on e-commerce platforms".

At present, many southern provinces such as Tien Giang, Dong Thap and Vinh Long are facing problems selling seasonal agricultural products because of social distancing and difficulties in transporting goods. Viettel Post and Vietnam Post can help local farmers in this regard.

Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Dong Thap Province Nguyen Lam Thanh Thuy said that many agricultural products and specialties of Dong Thap are in harvest season such as sweet potatoes, longan and jackfruit. For longan alone, the output is about 53,000 tons/year.

The southern region is a largest basket of agricultural products in the country, providing the market with an average of 48,000 tons of dragon fruits/month; 41,000 tons of bananas/month; 25,000 tons of durian /month; 20,000 tons of longan/month; and vegetables of all kinds about 560-600 tons/month.

As 19 southern provinces are under social distancing, they need assistance to sell such huge amounts of agricultural products.


Under the coordination of the Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam Post and Viettel Post have made specific plans and will actively support, train and guide farmers in the South to sell agricultural products on Postmart and Voso floors as they did to help farmers in Bac Giang and Hai Duong during the third covid-19 outbreak.

Phan Trong Le, Head of Brand Research and Development Department of Vietnam Post, said that farm produce offered on Postmart are all famous specialties or high-quality products from reputable agricultural producers, which have been carefully selected.

Postmart and Voso have trained farmers to organize livestreams, and advertise their products by shooting video or taking photo. They can create their own booths and sell products on these floors even during the time of social distancing.

The characteristics of vegetables and fruits are short harvest and usage time. Therefore, the two corporations have specific plans for packing, preserving and transporting products in an appropriate manner to ensure the freshness and deliciousness of products.

Vietnam Post and Viettel Post also promote sales of agricultural products at post offices and price stabilization points of sale.

Van Anh

Solutions needed for agricultural products to no longer call for rescue

Solutions needed for agricultural products to no longer call for rescue

Every time China stops importing agricultural products or when the Covid-19 pandemic happens, several agricultural products are unsalable, then the rescue of them to support farmers will take place repeatedly.