Vietnam prioritises adherance to UN Charter hinh anh 1

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh. (Photo: VNA)


In a recent interview granted to the VietnamNews Agency, Minh said the ministerial-level open debate of the UNSC held inNew York on January 9 under the theme: adhering to the UN Charter to maintaininternational peace and security is the proposal of Vietnam.

This initiative came at the right time on theoccasion of the 75th anniversary of the UN and the UN Charter, he added.

Secondly, this theme was raised at a time whenmany issues are taking place in the world, especially conflicts and threats inmultiple places, including matters related to the adherence to the UN Charter.

Therefore, this topic attracted a great deal ofattention from all UN member states, Minh said, adding that more than 110countries registered to deliver speeches at the event, the largest number sofar in an open debate of the UNSC.

One more thing is that at the debate, the UNSCadopted a particular statement on the UN Charter for the first time. Thisdemonstrates the importance and the success of the debate, an initiative ofVietnam right from the first month of its non-permanent membership to the UNSC,and the month of the UNSC chairmanship.

According to Minh, Vietnam set its ownpriorities when participating in the UNSC, which are in line with the commonpriorities of the UNSC as well as the UN members.

Besides prioritising to adhere to the UNCharter, Vietnam will focus on preventing conflicts, protecting civilians,women and children from conflicts, and addressing conflict consequences such asbomb and mine clearance, Minh said, adding that Vietnam has experience in thesefields.

Another issue that Vietnam will give priority tois coping with climate change related to peace and security, Minh said.

As a non-permanent member of the UNSC for thesecond time (the first in 2008-2029), Vietnam hopes to share its experience inaddressing war consequences and developing the country as well as makecontributions to reconciliation for countries in the region and the world suchas Africa and Asia in its capability, he added./.VNA