At the signing ceremony 


The MoU will create a cooperation framework for the two sides and promote theircollaboration in sending Vietnamese practitioners and labourers in the spheresof tourism and nursing to Nagano, said MoLISA Deputy Minister Le Tan Dung.

The official expressed his hope that following the signing, Vietnameseyoungsters will have more opportunities to study and work in Japan.

Dung said Vietnam and Japan have paid greater attention to labour cooperationwith many joint programmes and projects, which have yielded fruit andsignificantly contributed to the bilateral ties.

Vietnam has to date sent over 250,000 practitioners to Japan. In 2018 alone,the number was nearly 70,000, making up more than half of the total figure of thisgroup in Japan, according to the official.

The Southeast Asian nation has become the biggest source of practitioners toJapan among the 15 countries sending trainees to the country, he said, addingthat thousands of Vietnamese technicians are also sent to Japan each year.

Nagano’s Governor Abe Shuichi said the Japanese prefecture has cooperated withVietnam in various fields, especially agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.

About 3,400 Vietnamese are living and working in Nagano, he said, expressinghis hope that there will be more Vietnamese workers in Nagano, particularly intourism and nursing, in the context that Japan is facing a labour shortage.

Nagano has rolled out policies to support guest workers in accommodation andworking environment, he said.

Echoing’s Dung views, the Governor said the MoU is expected to contribute topromoting cooperation between Vietnam and Japan, and facilitating Vietnameselabourers to live and work in Japan.-VNA