20 years ago, in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of state management in protecting sovereignty, sovereignty rights, national jurisdiction, maintaining security, order and safety at sea and continental shelf of In Vietnam, the Vietnam Coast Guard was established. 

After nearly 22 years of construction and development (August 28, 1998 - August 28, 2019), the Vietnam Coast Guard has affirmed its position as a core force in law enforcement and national security protection, order and safety at sea.

Cảnh sát biển Việt Nam không ngừng vươn lên đáp ứng yêu cầu nhiệm vụ trong tình hình mới

Coast Guard ship 9002’s soldiers pull the national flag, preparing to depart for duty.

The Coast Guard Department under the Naval Military Service at the beginning has become the High Command of Vietnam Coast Guard; the Coast Guard forces of regions have been reorganized to become Regional High Commands of Coast Guards; reconnaissance and crime prevention clusters were organized into reconnaissance groups and special forces for drug crime prevention and control. The force is equipped with ships, surveillance aircraft and modern support tools, step by step meeting the requirements of patrol and control, to protect sovereignty and law enforcement at sea.

In performing their duties, the Coast Guard has performed well the tasks of patrol, inspection, control and law enforcement at sea, deserved to be the lead force in protecting sovereignty by legal and civil measures. The force has been proactive in search and rescue work; actively propagating and disseminating law to the people; well carrying out military and defense-related foreign affairs; at the same time, regularly paying attention to and effectively deploying the mobilization of the people, promoting the role of the people in building and consolidating the people's security posture and the national defense posture at sea.

Not to be passive

Speaking to the media, Colonel Tran Van Nam, Deputy Commander of the Vietnam Coast Guard, said that on the basis of thoroughly grasping and seriously and effectively implementing resolutions, directives and orders of the Party, the State, the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of Defense on the military-defense mission and the coast guard mission, the High Command of the Coast Guard have improved the quality and efficiency of the tasks of situation grasping, strategic forecast, from then on, to have the right decision, to actively and positively handle all situations, not to be passive and fall into unexpected circumstances, to firmly protect the sovereignty over the sacred sea and islands of the country.

The Coast Guard actively advised the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of Defense on dealing with national defense and security situations at sea on the principle of attaching importance to legal measures, taking stability and long-term development, upholding the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and rights of coastal states.

Focusing on building forces

Cảnh sát biển Việt Nam không ngừng vươn lên đáp ứng yêu cầu nhiệm vụ trong tình hình mới

Vietnam Coast Guard ship

According to Colonel Tran Van Nam, Deputy Commander of the Vietnam Coast Guard, the High Command of the Coast Guard has determined to build a solid force, going straight to modern, to meet the requirements of the task of managing and protecting the country’s sea and island in new situation. Accordingly, building a strong force in political thought and organization; increasing investment in modern equipment and means; improving the quality of personnel work, professional training for cadres and soldiers.

Building a strong political character is the key stage; building Coast Guard organizations suitable to multi-disciplinary and multi-field functions and tasks. On the basis of the existing organizational unites, step by step upgrading and strengthening the strategic advisory role of the High Command of Coast Guard, adjusting the organization and payroll of the attached units. To speed up the construction of a project to restructure the Coast Guard Training Center into the Coast Guard School in order to ensure the uniform, basic and long-term cadres training.

Strengthening foreign defense

Grasping the Party's foreign policy and directives and resolutions of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of Defense on defense-related foreign affairs, the Vietnam Coast Guard has had bilateral and multilateral relations with the law enforcement forces of many countries in the region and around the world, such as Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, the United States ...

The Vietnam Coast Guard is the representative of the Government of Vietnam participating in the Intergovernmental Agreement on information sharing against piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia; being a member of the Heads of Law Enforcement Forces At Sea of Asian Contries Conference; representing Vietnam in the Law Enforcement Initiative in the Gulf of Thailand ...

Currently, the Coast Guard has a communication center, which regularly maintains information sharing on maritime security, piracy, armed robbery, search and rescue with the law enforcement forces of 20 countries and maintaining hotlines with 7 countries in the region.

In the coming time, the Vietnam Coast Guard will continue to promote foreign affairs, promote cooperation with coast guard forces of other countries, giving priority to countries in the region and the countries that have the sea borders with Vietnam and traditional partners

Hai Van