With its awareness and responsibility in protecting the marine environment, the Vietnam Coast Guard has constantly improved its efficiency in contributing to the community's living environment. During sea voyages, officers and soldiers on ships always raise their awareness of protecting the marine environment, collecting and disposing of garbage at the prescribed place.

Every year, in response to the World Ocean Day and the Vietnam Sea and Islands Week, officers and soldiers of the Coast Guard always take the initiative to join local authorities, unions, armed forces and local people to carry out the campaign "Clean the sea", during which they collected and destroyed tens of tons of waste.

Cảnh sát biển tiếp sức bảo vệ môi trường biển và hải đảo

Young staff of the Coast Guard Training Center joined local people to clean up the environment in Kien Hung ward.

Many practical activities to respond to the World Environment Day 2020

During the last two days June 4-5, the officers and soldiers of the High Command of Coast Guard Region 4 coordinated with the Youth Union of An Son commune, Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province and Nam Du Border Guard Station to clean the marine environment.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Le Van Tu, Deputy Political Commissar of High Command of Coast Guard Region 4 said: 30 officers and soldiers of the Coast Guard Region 4, 10 officers and soldiers of the Nam Du Border Guard Station and 50 youth union members in the commune participated in cleaning the environment in An Son fishing port and Bai Ngu area. This is the practical activity of the Coast Guard officers and soldiers to protect the environment on the World Environment Day (June 5).

Implementing the program "The Coast Guard accompanies fishermen" in 2020 between the Coast Guard Region 4 and the Kien Giang Provincial Party Committee’s Public Relations Department, the Coast Guard force not only supported fishermen to go to sea, provided fresh water for people in areas affected by saline intrusion, but also actively propagated the law, introduced the Law on Vietnam Coast Guard to fishermen.

Responding to World Environment Day 2020, hundreds of officers and soldiers of the Coast Guard Region 2 in Quang Nam Province organized environmental sanitation, collected garbage and waste; Organized propaganda campaigns to call for local people to not discharge plastic waste into the environment, encourage recycling activities, limit the use of inorganic materials, and prioritize the use of environmentally friendly and organic products, plant trees in home gardens, campus of organizations, public houses, at the same time save electricity, water ...

Over the past years, the Coast Guard of Region 2 has organized many practical activities to protect the environment in the localities where its units are located, such as the "Volunteer Saturday", "Green Sunday" campaigns and mobilized 675 working days to clean 8.5 km of coastline, collected more than 80m3 of waste ...

The actual activities of the Coast Guard Region 2 have contributed to raising awareness of officers, soldiers as well as people, considering environmental protection as the responsibility and duty of each person in daily life. Through detailed and easy-to-understand propaganda by officers and soldiers of the Coast Guard, local people have better understood their responsibility in protecting the environment, considering that protection of environment is to protect their life and family.

Cảnh sát biển tiếp sức bảo vệ môi trường biển và hải đảo

Always present whenever incidents occur

The High Command of Coast Guard Region 1 is responsible for managing a wide water area, with the coastline of about 763 km, belonging to 10 provinces and cities from the mouth of Bac Luan river (Quang Ninh province) to the island of Con Co (Quang Tri province). Parallel to economic development, the preservation and protection of the marine environment is a challenging issue for the authorities and people of coastal localities.

Major General Nguyen Van Thang, Political Commissar of the High Command of Coast Guard Region 1, said that in addition to the task of patrol, inspection, control, law enforcement at sea, the protection of the marine environment was always effectively implemented by staff and soldiers of the Coast Guard Region 1, which were recognized and highly appreciated by the local authorities and people. The soldiers on the Coast Guard vessels well understand that every time they go out to sea they will have to try do their best to preserve and protect the marine environment.

One of the specific examples of the High Command of Coast Guard Region 1’s effort to protect the environment in recent years was the rescue of a tanker named Hai Ha. The Coast Guard vessel 4036 quickly approached the Hai Ha 18 tanker with a tonnage of 3,000 tons that was in fire and successfully save this ship. If this tanker was not rescued timely, the consequences for the marine environment would have been serious.

Last year, the factory of Phu Lam Import and Export Co., Ltd., in Hai An district, Hai Phong city had a big fire at a 6,000sq.m workshop that contained fuel, raw materials such as gasoline, plastic beads, solvent blended .... Upon detecting the fire, the Coast Guard Region 1 dispatched 30 officers and soldiers with military medical forces, ambulances, and firefighting equipment to the area where the fire occurred to cooperate with other forces to move nearly 100 drums containing chemicals and goods to a safe location.

Cảnh sát biển tiếp sức bảo vệ môi trường biển và hải đảo

Officers and soldiers of Coast Guard Squadron 32 collect rubbish on Ninh Thuy beach.

In implementing the model "The Coast Guard accompanies fishermen", the Coast Guard force and the people organized campaigns to collect waste on islands and organized environmental propaganda campaigns on the media. Besides these activities, young staff of the Coast Guard forces also propagated to the people about the awareness of protecting the marine environment, maintaining general hygiene to make the environment greener - cleaner – more beautiful, contributing to improvement of the quality of life for all communities.

With specific activities in recent years, the Coast Guard Region 1’s cadres and soldiers have joined the Party committees and local authorities to deal with consequences of natural disasters and fires; foster love of the country’s sea and islands, reminding people to live more responsibly in preserving the environment, creating a green - clean - beautiful landscape for the marine and local coastal environment. This is also one of the duties of each Vietnamese Coast Guard officer and soldier to contribute to socio-cultural development in localities under its management.

Hai Van