Programme highlights outcomes of Vietnam’s participation in UN peacekeeping hinh anh 1

The event, organised by the Vietnam Departmentof Peacekeeping Operations under the Ministry of National Defence, was attendedby military officials, members of level-2 field hospital No. 1 and No. 2, familiesof the peacekeepers, and the peacekeeping engineer team. It was also meant togive spiritual support ahead of the traditional Lunar New Year festival to staffof level-2 field hospital No. 2 in South Sudan.


Taking part in UN peacekeeping operations is anew task of the Vietnam People’s Army, demonstrating the country as aresponsible member of the international community, enhancing its stature andprestige in the world, and helping to safeguard the nation soon, from afar, andby peaceful means.

Over the last five years, Vietnam’s peacekeeping force has attained impressive initial outcomes recognised by the internationalcommunity.

Major General Nguyen Viet Luong, PoliticalCommissar of the Vietnam Military Medical University, recently returned fromthe UN mission in South Sudan. He said this country has an area that is threetimes larger than Vietnam’s and a population of about 13 million, most of whomhave to rely on the UN’s aid for their daily life.

“Such a fact makes any of us further treasure anenvironment of peace we are living in,” he noted.

Captain Nguyen Thi Thu Ngan, who returned fromlevel-2 field hospital No. 1 in Bentiu of South Sudan in late 2019, saiddespite insufficient infrastructure conditions, staff of the hospital madejoint efforts to overcome difficulties. In more than one year, the hospitalgave treatment to more than 2,200 patients, 10 times higher than the numberother hospitals dealt with.

Aside from peacekeepers’ sharing and video callswith staff of level-2 field hospital No. 2 in South Sudan, the programmefeatured videos showing activities of Vietnam’s military medical officers atthe UN mission./. VNA