Thủ tướng và 4 bộ trưởng sẽ trả lời chất vấn trước Quốc hội
General Secretary and Chairman of the National Assembly Office Bui Van Cuong.

The  NA Standing Committee will submit a list of five Cabinet members for voting at the year-end session and four of them will be selected for the hearing, said Bui Van Cuong, General Secretary and Chairman of the NA Office on October 26.

The hearing is scheduled to take place on November 10-11. The PM will be given about an hour to answer deputies’ questions, then come the four Cabinet members.   


Major issues of voter concern include those related to labour and social affairs, health care, education, planning and investment, industry and trade, culture - sport and tourism, information and communication, natural resources and environment, agriculture and rural development, transportation, and finance and banking.

Vietnam has been striving to achieve a dual goal of pandemic prevention and economic recovery amidst the prolonged COVID-19 outbreak. It has recently adopted the strategy of flexibly and safely adapting to and effectively controlling COVID-19.

Source: VOV