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Subject to the resolution are the Supplementary Treaty to the 1985 Treaty on the Delimitation of the National Boundary and the 2005 Supplementary Treaty between Vietnam and Cambodia, and the Protocol on the Demarcation and Marker Planting of the Land Boundary between Vietnam and Cambodia.

The two legal documents were signed in Hanoi on October 5, 2019.


The resolution also allows the direct enforcement of all stipulations in the two documents.

The NA requests the Prime Minister to bear responsibility for organizing the implementation of the two documents. The PM is also tasked with approving a plan on communication activities to enhance awareness among the political system and the people, especially residents in the 10 provinces bordering Cambodia on the documents and create consensus in implementing them.

The Government is required to complete relevant procedures for the two documents to take effect and register them at the UN.

The NA asks the Government to continue with negotiations on remaining border sections in order to early complete the delimitation and marker planting of the Vietnam-Cambodia border./.VNA