Situated in Ha Dong district in Hanoi, HaNoi Bus café was built with an idea of recycling abandoned items and objects.

According to Sam, the idea of building a cafe that uses mostly recycled materials was born when he saw many abandoned buses during his vacation.

All seats inside the old bus were removed in order to create more space for the café.

Since its opening three years ago, the number of customers to the café has kept increasing, most of them are those who seek private space for themselves

The café’s menu is presented on an old CD

In the past, customers were provided with plastic cups for their take-away drink, but now they are placed with disposable cups and straws in order to reduce plastic waste into the environment.


It took Sam almost one year to turn the old bus into an environmentally-friendly café

Sam also utilise recycled items including tyres, bottles and vases

The seats at the cafe are made from recycled paint cans, which are redecorated with messages on environmental protection.

Green trees and creeper plants are grown outside the café

The café’s owner wants to send a message of environmental protection among young people, encourage recycling and avoid wastefulness.

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