Many services on Bui Vien Street have resumed, but lured modest number of customers. 

A local beer stall owner said that her service was opened at 6 pm, but saw no customer until two hours later. Many people seemed to be still worried about Covid-19 infection risks. She hoped to receive more customers at the weekend. 

Despite offering attractive discounts, restaurants have failed to lure customers 

Foreigners coming to the street are often those who have been stuck in Vietnam due to the international flight ban due to Covid-19. 

Many bars and restaurants remain closed


Ta Hien in Hanoi’s Old Quarter which used to be bustling with tourists, particularly foreigners, is in the same situation. 

It is common to see the signboards for sell or transfer shops and restaurants on the street.

The closure of bars is one of the main reasons for Ta Hien’s quiet atmosphere

Few foreign visitors at the street

Trinh Cong Thuan, owner of a fashion shop, near Ta Hien Street said that his revenues had dropped to just VND300,000-500,000 (USD13-21.73) a day compared to VND5 million (USD217.3) before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lots of the shops on Hanoi Old Quarter’s streets such as Luong Van Can, Hang Bong, Cha Ca, Hang Gai and Hang Dieu have had to close.

In the first four months of this year, Hanoi welcomed just 3.89 million tourists, down 59.2% on-year. Dtinews