With many people, during the season of pure-white daises, Hanoi has become gentle as it is dotted with the white colour of small flowers.

Different from the flowers with vibrant colors, the pure-while daises has a pristine beauty, bringing lightness and peace to people.

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'Cuc hoa mi' is also called ‘wild daises’ or ‘the flowers heralding the arrival of winter. The fragile white petals cover the yellow pistil.

During these days, young women rush to many flower gardens around Hanoi to pose for photographs with the flowers of the early winter.

With pure-white colour, cuc hoa mi has become a special gift of Hanoi made visitors’ souls flutter.

The season of pure-white daises elapses very quickly. Therfore, people are in hurry to take photos with this kind of flowers.

The pure-white daises are in bloom around gardens.

Many childrens are also taken to flower gardens to pose for photographs with the unique kind of flowers.


Farmers are responsible to replace faded flowers with new bouquets to serve visitors.

The flower beds are watered regularly to ensure the freshness of flowers during the days of dry weather.

Meanwhile, in the garden, the farmers are busy with harvesting daises to be sold at markets.

In November, Hanoians and visitors are eager to see the and buy pure-white daises. From traditional flower gardens, including Nhat Tan and Tay Tuu, beautiful pure-white daises are popular across the streets in the capital city.

Daisies have a special scent, they are pristine and simple as the way citizens and visitors express their love to Hanoi.

Nhan Dan

Hanoians flock to daisy garden for photos

Hanoians flock to daisy garden for photos

Many people have flocked to daisy gardens in Hanoi to take memorable photos as the daisies bloom in early November.

Young people flock to witness ox-eye daisy gardens in Hanoi

Young people flock to witness ox-eye daisy gardens in Hanoi

A number of ox-eye daisy gardens on the banks of the Red river in Hanoi’s Tay Ho district have now entered full bloom, attracting hordes of young people looking to snap beautiful images of the scenery.