The reenactment of the triumphal march of the liberating army in Hanoi with citizens waving flags and flowers to welcome soldiers back from battlefield cheered up the Phung Hung mural street. 

The tableaux aimed to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Capital’s Liberation Day on October 10 has shaken all locals and visitors with overwhelming emotion. 

The event was in the framework of a program titled “Memories of Autumn” held by the Hanoi Old Quarter Management Board, the Past and Present Magazine and other agencies. 

The highlight of the program was the reenactment of the “Death for the Survival of the Fatherland” and the triumphant march of the liberating army into the capital to take it over. 

During the miserable days of wartime, Hanoi still witnessed some romantic images of girls elegantly holding the flowers.


The romantic scenes of boys and girls in Hanoi during the fierce battle.

The soldiers of the suicidal squad and citizens jointly share happiness, sadness, and difficulties. 

The reenactment marking the participation of professional and extras brought the exciting feeling to the audiences. 

Hanoi girls present flowers to the liberation soldiers. 

The street was colorful with flowers and flags to make up the excitement in the Capital’s Liberation Day.