An alleyway on Au Trieu Street, near the St. Joseph's Cathedral, is known for its street food stalls. The alleyway is only two metres wide but it is busy from the afternoon until night and has become a popular area like Ta Hien Street.

Also well-known for the street food stalls is Dong Xuan Alleyway which connects Hang Chieu and Cau Dong streets. However, Dong Xuan Alleyway is busiest at noon and the shops close at night.

Meanwhile, Ngo Huyen is where hotels, guest houses and bars can be found and Dao Duy Tu Alleyway has many clothes shops spas and other services.


Phat Loc Alleyway is famous for its vermicelli with shrimp paste (bun dau mam tom) dish.

Customers' motorbikes nearly take over the small alleyway at noon.

The locals sit outdoor and chat in Hang Chi Alleyway. There are several street food stalls at the end of the alleyway which connects with Hang Gai and Hang Quat streets.

Gam Cau is small but has many footwear shops and glass shops.

Huu Nghi