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Le Thu Thuy

BRG president’s daughter

Le Thu Thuy, 38, is the daughter of Nguyen Thi Nga, president of BRG, who is also the person holding the most power at SeABank.

Thuy graduated from George Mason University in the US and married an American man.

Thuy became the standing member of SeABank’s board of directors in 2009, when she was 26 years old. Two years later, she held the post of CEO of SeABank. She left the post in 2013 to take the post of deputy CEO and then returned to the post of CEO in 2018.

As a manager of SeABank, Thuy has helped the bank gain considerable achievements. SeABank has prospered in the context of the banking system’s improvement with the falling bad debt ratio and increasing profit.

Thuy was chosen by The Asian Banker as a promising young banker in Vietnam in 2017.

Nam Cuong Real Estate’s daughter

Tran Thi Quynh Ngoc is the daughter of the late businessman Tran Van Cuong and the current president of Nam Cuong Group Le Thi Thuy Nga.

Quynh became famous when becoming deputy chair of Nam Cuong Group when she turned 20 years old.

Despite their young ages, a number of women hold important positions in large corporations and own assets worth trillions of dong.

Born in 1990 and spending eight years to study in the UK, Quynh is known as loving nature and having a passion for arts and social activities. However, with the influence from her father, she chose to follow the path of developing real estate.

There is not much information about her as she rarely appears before the public, except for big events of the company.

‘Farmer-pipe businessman’s’ daughter


Belonging to the 8X generation, Le Thi Hoang Yen is the oldest child among the three children of Le Thanh Than, president of Muong Thanh Group, kniwn as ‘farmer-pipe businessman’. After spending seven years to study in the UK, she returned to Vietnam to run the family’s business amid the stiff competition of the hotel market.

In 2013, Yen became CEO of Muong Thanh hotel chain, the largest private hotel chain in Vietnam.

Muong Thanh Group manages over 30 Muong Thanh hotels. The others are owned by the Construction Private Enterprise No 1 in Dien Bien province or other legal entities, including Muong Thanh Grand Phuong Dong, belonging to Petroleum Phuong Dong Tourism JSC, which Than’s family took over from Ocean Group.

Three daughters of gold group

Tran Phuong Ngoc Thao is the oldest daughter of Cao Thi Ngoc Dung, president of PNJ, a well known gold and jewelry brand. Returning to Vietnam after finishing the overseas study, Thao became a member of the board of directors of PNJ and took the post of director in charge of digital transformation of the group.

She holds 5.7 million PNJ shares, worth VND490 billion.

Unlike Thao, Tran Phuong Ngoc Giao, the second daughter, rarely appears in mass media. She leads a happy life in Australia, and holds 2 percent of Dong A Bank shares and 7.25 million PNJ shares, worth VND617 billion.

The third daughter, Tran Phuong Ngoc Ha, has 2.06 percent of Dong A Bank shares and 9.2 million PNJ shares, worth VND783 billion.

Sugar princess

Dang Huynh Uc My is the daughter of Dang Van Thanh, a well known businessman. Born in 1981, My is now deputy chair of Thanh Thanh Cong – Bien Hoa JSC and chair of Thanh Thanh Cong Investment JSC.

Uc My inherited the business from her mother, Huynh Thi Bich Ngoc.

Ngoc, called ‘Sugar Queen’, is one of the most influential businesspeople in Vietnam, though she is not among the richest stock billionaires. My is called ‘Sugar Princess’ as she holds 98 million SBT shares and 7 million GEG shares. 

Bao Anh

In difficult times, Vietnamese billionaires still earn billions of dollars

In difficult times, Vietnamese billionaires still earn billions of dollars

Last year was a stormy one for Vietnam’s businesses, but billionaires still were able to pocket billions of dollars.

Billionaire concludes major deal

Billionaire concludes major deal

FLC of billionaire Trinh Van Quyet has seen the share price soar amid the HCM City Stock Exchange’s (HOSE) notice about the businessman’s plan to buy 15 million shares.