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Politicians are the most senior and the most important human resource, the core part of the political system, those who direct, guide, and lead the nation on the path of development. Their tasks are building the political program, formulating the Party’s lines and State’s policies and laws. They hold high-ranking positions in the Party, State and Government.

Good leadership is the ability that every politician must have. They not only need to have vision at the local and national levels, but also at regional and global levels, capable of working and cooperating effectively with foreign and international institutions to bring the best benefits to the country.

The essential virtues they need to have are the spirit of developing the country, the spirit of innovation, burning national aspiration, and responsibility to the people. They need to dare to think, dare to do, dare to take breakthrough actions, and be brave and pioneering in the flow of the times, win people's hearts, and lead people and the country to the development in accordance with innovation and creativity.

They need to have firm political stuff, not corrupted by temptations and the problems of the downside of the market economy. They must be clean, well liked, and have an attractive and appealing image before the public.

Candidacy is a reasonable mechanism to select talented politicians. It is necessary to expand the sphere for selection and design an open mechanism to select the most suitable and talented politicians.

It would be better to build a database of talented politicians, allowing all people in Vietnam and overseas Vietnamese to join if they can meet standards.

Organizing national exams to select talented civil servants

The indispensable qualities of civil servants are the spirit of serving people and businesses, professionalism and responsibility. They also need to have integrity and purity, and must not be corrupted by temptations.

Organizing open, strict and competitive national exams is a suitable mechanism to find talented civil servants. The exams should be open to everyone who can meet standards and the results of the exams are the only criteria for selection.

The information about the exams must be released in advance for a long enough time to allocate many people to know and for examinees to have time to prepare well for the exams. The required standards and qualifications for civil servants, as well as the information about how and when to select civil servants, need to be made transparent.

The mechanism will not only select the best individuals, but also will make those who pass the fiercely competitive exams feel pride about their abilities, their work and the legitimacy of their positions, and therefore, they will be more responsible about their work.

The mechanism will not only select the best individuals, but also will make those who pass the fiercely competitive exams feel pride about their abilities, their work and the legitimacy of their positions, and therefore, they will be more responsible about their work.

Meanwhile, the mechanism allows to prevent useless individuals from entering the state apparatus, thereby avoiding the ‘birds of a feather flock together’ vicious cycle which harms the state apparatus. It would be better to set the minimum percentage of civil servants to be recruited under this mechanism.

Building, popularizing the image of talented civil servants


It is necessary to make a breakthrough with wage policy to be sure that talented cadres can live on their wages. And only with a reasonable wage policy will they wholeheartedly work and dedicate themselves for the prosperity of the country.

Talented officers won’t be able to wholeheartedly work if they have to take extra jobs to earn their living. They won’t be able to be proud of the wages of they are not enough to feed themselves, let alone their family members. Low incomes may prompt them to try illegal ways to make money from their positions, including intentionally causing difficulties to other people to clamour for money.

It is necessary to pay attention to developing leadership, management, and administration and implementation capacity, especially in handling practical situations in order to improve capability and adaptability to rapid changes in the world nowadays; focus on training in foreign languages, especially English, and practicing international negotiation and presentation skills to meet the requirements of the country's deeper international integration.

Along with that, talented cadres need to be imbued with the spirit of national development, have the burning desire and pride to join the contingent of talented cadres to serve the country, contributing to its rapid development to catch up with developed countries, while they not only consider this a career to just earn a living.

Talented cadres are given the best conditions to succeed and serve the country, for which they can get worthy rewards. However, they must not become arrogant and conceited, but they need to share their experience and resources with others and help others succeed.

It is necessary to promote social activities to promote the noble image of talented cadres, establish honorable awards and give noble titles to honor and enhance the social status of talented cadres, and create society’s respect towards talented cadres.

This will help encourage excellent individuals to strive to become talented cadres rather than work for foreign enterprises because of the pride of working and contributing to building and developing the country.


Vietnam has a new development opportunity, and favorable conditions to make the "Miracle of the Red River". Vietnam, with the population of 100 million, the 15th largest in the world, is enjoying a golden population period with 70 percent of population below 35 years old.

Vietnam is located in an advantageous geographical position, which is more significant in Asia’s eventful century. It has many talents with hundreds of thousand of scientists, experts and engineers living and working in countries with advanced sciences.

Moreover, Doi Moi (renovation) 1986 brought a brilliant fortune. This, plus the spectacular success in controlling Covid-19 can create momentum, motivation and confidence for the entire nation to realize the dream of becoming a dragon, walking abreast with other countries.

This is the best opportunity for the entire Vietnamese nation to join hands to realize the dream of becoming a dragon. If we miss the opportunity, the golden population period will be over and the tragedy of ‘becoming old before getting rich’ will come, while the first and second generations of overseas Vietnamese talents deeply attached to the homeland will become old, and the Asian century will pass and will not return. 


High rates of turnout seen in May 23 elections: NEC

High rates of turnout seen in May 23 elections: NEC

Most cities and provinces reported high rates of turnout of over 90 percent in the May 23 elections exceeded, with some recording a rate of as high as 99.99 percent as of 10pm the same day, reported the National Election Council (NEC).

Elections show strength of Vietnamese people: NA Chairman

Elections show strength of Vietnamese people: NA Chairman

The elections of deputies to the 15th National Assembly (NA) and People’s Councils at all levels for the 2021-2026 tenure create a vivid illustration of the Vietnamese people’s strength, NA Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue has said.