A 15th-century jar made in Vietnam has been sold for $455,000 ata Christie's auction.—Photo courtesy of Christie's.

The jar is decorated with blue peonies and Buddhist iconography. 

It is thought to be a product of Chu Đậu ceramic village during the Tran-Le Dynasty in the era's typical blue and white colours, showcasing ancient Vietnamese traditions.


According to the auction house, the 600-year-old jar was made with a "powerful form, bold design" and technique of painting with underglaze cobalt blue. 

It belonged to the personal collection of JE Hagen (1904-1976), who worked in the Dutch colonial civil service in eastern India in the 20th century. He was gifted the jar in 1947 by Andi Batari Toja Arung Gilireng, eldest daughter of the Aroe Matoa XLIV, chief Prince of the kingdom of Wajo (22/11/1926-14/1/1933) in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The jar was then inherited by the members of Hagen’s family.

Initially expected to fetch around €20,000 ($22,440), the jar was eventually sold for €406,000 ($455,695) to an undisclosed bidder.  

The UK-owned Christie's has sold a number of artworks from Viet Nam, including a painting by Mai Trung Thu titled Nu (Nude) in Hong Kong and Le Pho’s Nue (Nude), which fetched $1.4 million last year, the highest price ever for a Vietnamese painting.— VNS