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Singer Ho Ngoc Ha is one of the artists participating in music video 'Way Back Home' produced by the Korean Tourism Organisation. Photo courtesy of KTO

It’s a part of the campaign Korea Love Box 2021 launched by the Korean Tourism Organisation (KTO) in Vietnam in October.

Way Back Home is a single by South Korean artist Shaun. The Vietnamese version, with the title Về Nhà Thôi, is written by composer Chau Dang Khoa.

KTO Vietnam produced the song in Vietnamese and Korean with the participation of renowned singers of the two countries, including Ho Ngoc Ha, Dong Nhi, Ong Cao Thang, Han Sara, Uni5, LipB, Bui Anh Tuan, Song Luan, Tang Phuc, Truong Thao Nhi, Sofia and author of the original version -- composer Shaun.

Participating in the project, singer Ha said that she’s very happy and excited.

“This is a meaningful community project empowering doctors and nurses. They are looking forward to returning to their families after many long months of fighting the pandemic. Besides, the project also brings hope to all of us, so that everyone is ready to return to a new normal life. Wishing good health to the medical staff and frontline forces, we hope they can complete their tasks and come home soon," Ha said.


Park Jong-sun, chairman of KTO Vietnam, said: "This is a special moral gift that KTO wants to dedicate to frontline medical workers. We hope that the song will become a great motivation, cheering the frontline forces to beat the COVID-19 pandemic so that they can be reunited with loved ones in the near future.”

Way Back Home has a youthful and energetic melody. The Vietnamese lyrics of the song are very meaningful, along with the images in the music video, which is really touching. The audience can look back at the scene of the field hospitals with honest and personal stories of the doctors and nurses with nostalgia for their families and loved ones in the days away from home, but they still do their best to perform their duties, looking forward to reuniting with their families soon.

“When the pandemic recedes and tourism is reopened, the frontline forces as well as the people of Vietnam will be able to travel everywhere including South Korea with a new spirit, full of energy and excitement," said Park.

According to Park, more than 1,000 gift boxes worth more than VND1 billion were sent to the frontline medical forces at Hanoi’s Dong Da General Hospital and Thanh Nhan Hospital as well as four other hospitals in HCM City. 

Source: Vietnam News

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