When it comes to TV boxsets, there really have been some absolute crackers. In fact, when you think about it, probably far too many to mention each and every single one. So, we’ve broke it down to a small selection of some of the best.

The Wire


Seasons: Five

Let’s start exactly how we mean to go on with the work of art otherwise known as The Wire. As the saying goes, you either love The Wire, or you’ve not seen it. The gritty drama of life on the mean streets of Baltimore pulls absolutely no punches and even former President of the United States, Barack Obama, is a huge fan.

The Sopranos


Seasons: Six

Yes, sure, this is a drama about the mafia, but really and truly, this is SO MUCH more. Superbly written, exquisitely cast and with first-class performances from every single actor and actress in the series, led of course by the late, great James Gandolfini, who plays the complex and often misunderstood mafia don, Tony Soprano.

Breaking Bad



Seasons: Five

When chemistry teacher Walter White discovered he had cancer and was struggling to pay medical bills he thought the best idea was to start cooking meth, where could it possibly go wrong?

Peaky Blinders

2013 – to date

Seasons: Five (so far)

OK, so we’ve used a little bit of journalistic licence here because technically speaking, there is still more to come of this post-World War One series about a crime family running Birmingham. And we are all so pleased about that because we just can’t get enough of Tommy Shelby and co.

Mad Man


Seasons: Seven

Is there anything in the entire world cooler than Don Draper? Nope, we don’t think so either. This stylish drama set in the crazy world of advertising was one of the greatest shows to every grace our screens. And unlike many of the other classic TV shows featured here Mad Men, actually wasn’t about cops, robbers, criminals or gangsters. VNS

Paul Kennedy