including its huge archive of radio shows aired over the past 75 years.

Voice of Vietnam
Voice of Vietnam (VOV) on Friday launched VOV Live – a digital platform that offers users unlimited access to the diversified content produced by VOV

The latest news about Vietnam and the rest of the world, music and story-telling shows can also be found on VOV Live, which is available on several platforms such as Web (, Wap (Wireless Application Protocol), Mobile App (VOV Live app on Appstore and Google Play), and social media (

Talking about the launch of VOV Live during a press conference at its headquarters in Hanoi, VOV Deputy General Director Pham Manh Hung said: “Our advantage is that we produce and own a system of mainstream news including up-to-date news on politics, culture and society. That’s why we have several highly-rated radio shows. Now we have developed the VOV Live digital platform, these shows can be reached by a large number of people who are internet users.

"By promoting our podcast, we can offer on demand services to any user. They are free to choose any shows they want to listen to.”

At present, VOV has eight channels featuring specific topics such as breaking news, culture, music, world, traffic and health. In addition, the national radio broadcaster is also the operator of Vietnam Digital Television (VTC) and VOV TV. The e-newspapers and, and the newspaper Tiếng Nói Việt Nam are also under VOV.


Also at the press conference on Friday, the broadcaster revealed its new logo as part of the new Corporation Identify Programme (CIP) and to mark its 75th anniversary, 7/9/1945 – 7/9/2020.

The new logo is a harmonic combination of traditional and modern features. The two letter ‘Vs’ have been modified with the image of a legendary bird found on the surface of bronze drums from the Đông Sơn Culture (or Bronze Age) in the Red River Delta in the North of Vietnam, which date back to 1,000BC.

The letter ‘O’, which is symbolic of the round surface of the Dong Son drums, also features a triangle play button – a symbolic image of the contemporary digital era. In addition, the triangle also presents the forward motion of VOV. The red and dark blue express VOV’s inner energy and fresh, contemporary spirit.

General Director of VOV Nguyen The Ky said: “VOV has a glorious and proud history. Our 75th anniversary is a special occasion for us to look back, thus to inherit and promote further the legacy of VOV, aiming to renovate and overcome any challenge. To reach this goal, we have developed to become a multimedia and multi-language press organisation. The launch of our new CIP is a significant step which is expected to make its mark on the press world as well as show our determination to catch up with latest global media trends.”  VNS

VOV holds broadcast rights for Vietnam’s matches in World Cup 2022 qualifiers

VOV holds broadcast rights for Vietnam’s matches in World Cup 2022 qualifiers

On August 23 radio The Voice of Vietnam (VOV) announced to hold the rights to produce and broadcast matches of the Vietnam national football team in the upcoming second round of the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

Vietnam has comparative advantages in digital transformation

Vietnam has comparative advantages in digital transformation

Vietnam has great potential, which will help digital transformation proceed quickly and with fewer risks than many other countries.