Visitors to the exhibition at the headquarters of the Slovak Ministry of Culture in Bratislava


The display, opened on September 5, is organisedby the Vietnamese Embassy in Slovakia and the Eleutheria Foundation as anactivity to mark the 74th National Day of Vietnam.

The posters were collected by Italian entrepreneurFrancesco Augusto Razetto, who is also President of the Eleutheria Foundation.They used to be exhibited in some countries like the Republic of Korea, Italyand Croatia, as well as at the headquarters of the European Parliament.

Opening the event, Vietnamese Ambassador DuongTrong Minh said the exhibition will help enhance mutual understanding andfriendship between Vietnamese and Slovak peoples, while serving as a channelfor Slovaks and visitors from other countries to learn more about the SoutheastAsian nation.

He noted the collection is very valuable as itincludes a number of works by famous painters of Vietnam and many otherscreated anonymously since their painters laid down their lives right inbattlefields after drawing them.

“We wish to introduce the posters to the Slovakpublic and international friends so that they can know more about the historyof national development and defence of Vietnam in the past as well as atpresent,” Minh said.

Razetto said he collected the posters in Vietnamin 12 years and selected them according to the topics important to the country.He said he thinks they will be valuable once showcased in Europe and hopes thatthe works will be exhibited in many European countries.

The exhibition will run through September22.-VNA