Vietnam therefore continue to be the highest placed team in Southeast Asia and have remained the 15th best team in Asia, according to the global rankings.

Behind Vietnam as the second-best team in Southeast Asia are Thailand who drop one position to 114th in the world rankings.


Elsewhere in the region, the Philippines are ranked in 124th, while Myanmar and Malaysia have been placed at 136th and 154th, respectively. Furthermore, Singapore have kept hold of 157th spot, followed by Indonesia and Cambodia who are tied at 173rd place, Laos in 188th, Brunei down in 191st place, and Timor-Leste at 197th.

According to FIFA, there were a total of 54 matches played in the UEFA Nations League in early September, with the results of these matches resulting in significant changes among the top 10.

The latest rankings show Portugal rising to fifth place with 1,653 points, ahead of Uruguay in sixth place with 1,645 points. Bellow them are Spain who climb to seventh with 1,642 points, while Croatia are ranked in eighth place with 1,628 points.

Moreover, the FIFA rankings are likely to change in October due to games being played in the UEFA Nations League, in addition to the return of international friendlies. VOV